Faster than a supercar, roomier than an SUV, more eco-friendly than… well, anything! Tesla’s flown into the future


Tesla Model X 


I am often asked who, from the world of showf business, is the nicest person I have ever met. I am also often asked who is the most odious – a question that tells me much more about the person asking it than anything else. 

To get behind the wheel of a Model X is to be blasted into the future, Tesla having not so much ripped up the rule book of car-manufacturing as taken a blowtorch to it

With regards to the former, however, I have compiled a brand new top ten for 2016 – as of last weekend: 

10. Rob Brydon (new entry) 

9. Sir Terry 

8. Parky 

7. Gary Barlow 

6. Gaby Roslin 

5. Noel Fitzpatrick 

4. Lynda Bellingham 

3. Alex Jones 

2. Richard Griffiths 

1. Tom Kerridge 

As you can see, straight in with a bullet at number ten is newie Rob Brydon. Not only has Rob agreed to co-host one of my forthcoming Christmas charity lunches but he also…


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