Botnets and Tips to Prevent Botnet Attacks


Recently Trustwave’s SpiderLabs revealed some shocking cyber crime stats. According to the report, a botnet stole 2 million login and passwords of some most popular sites including Facebook, Google and Twitter.

There were some similar incidents in the past when botnet was used by hackers to break into the users’ account by guessing their usernames and password. These incidents made botnet quite a menace, associated with malware attacks, DDoS, phishing and cause of other information security related threats. But it is not completely true.

A botnet or a robot network comprises a set of internet-linked programs, designed to connect with other similar programs (usually the server) to complete different tasks. Depending on its use, it can be good and bad.

In early days of their creation, bots were controlled by Internet Relay Chat (IRC) that serves the purpose of connecting…


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